To start, it is important to understand that each Membership Plan color represents one of the four major cellular networks. The first step is identifying which of these carriers has the best LTE signal strength in your area.

  1. Begin with the lowest cost option. Click the ‘Plan Coverage’ button which will launch the coverage map for that specific carrier. Enter your address to view the coverage for this carrier in your area. (Make sure the filter is set to DATA or LTE, not voice coverage.)
  2. If the lowest cost carrier has LTE/DATA service at your address, this membership plan should work well for you and you can click the ‘Choose Plan’ button to take you to the checkout page where you can complete your transaction.
  3. If the lowest cost carrier does not have service at your address, this plan will NOT work for you and you should move to the next higher priced carrier to view that carrier’s coverage map. (Just like in step 1.) You can repeat this process until you find a Membership Plan with the appropriate service area.
  4. Once you find the Membership Plan that works for you, select your desired device. If you are unsure of which device to choose, you can click the ‘Compare Devices’ button under the device-dropdown menu. This will compare and contrast each of our available devices.
  5. Once you select your desired device, simply click the ‘Choose Plan’ button to take you to the checkout page where you can complete your transaction. Rest assured, if you receive any of our Membership Plans/Devices and get less than ideal performance, simply return the device within 14-days of receiving it for a FULL REFUND no questions asked!

Although your cell phone plan is completely unrelated to our Unlimitedville memberships, the LTE speeds you experience on it can be a helpful indicator of the speeds you may receive with the same carrier/plan in our hotspots and routers. To test the LTE speeds of your phone/tablet, visit

ADDITIONAL TIP: To further verify that you have a specific carrier tower within the recommended 3–4 miles or less, visit, enter your address + click ‘Go’, click ‘Process’ on the next screen, click ‘View Tower Results’ and ‘View Antenna Results’. On the popup window, please locate the towers closest to your location and look for the carrier-network names. If there is a carrier network antenna/tower within 3-4 miles or less of your location, you will most likely have great LTE service with that Carrier/Membership Plan.

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