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Get the same high-speed service at a fraction of the cost. Our Lite option is designed for those who use less than 400gb of total home/business data per month and need a high-speed wireless internet connection. (Internet speeds may reduce after 400gb.) Engage in home, business, and mobile activities—from streaming TV to video conferencing—connecting up to 250 Wi-Fi devices. Bring your internet with you when traveling in the car, at a Hotel/BNB, in your RV, and more! Try it for 14-days risk-free today!

  For reference, 400gb of high-speed data is the equivalent of 135 hours of HD video streaming or 80 hours of online gaming or 200 hours of HD video conferencing or 2,222 hours of Web browsing.

+$49 One-Time Membership Fee

Need Unlimited Data? Try our Unlimited Plan.

14 Day, No Risk, Money-Back Guarantee!

Unlimitedville sound too good to be true? Try it risk-free and see for yourself.

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  186 Reviews
October 16th
This has been an amazing experience. So easy to apply for the right plan and easy to take everywhere with you.
Alan R.
August 15th
Verified Member
Some of the land based internet providers don’t reach our rural area. We tried satellite providers but either their latency was an issue or slow upload speed caused us problems. We sampled a couple of Unlimitedville’s offerings and found one that worked good. I added an external antenna for even f… [read more]
June 2nd
Verified Member
Literally the world's easiest setup. You put the antennas on and plug it in and connect your devices. No password. no nothing. It's literally like turning on a light switch. Unbelievable! But I'm a satisfied customer immediately out of the box. Comes in a beautiful box. Perfectly packaged and… [read more]
J W.
January 30th
Verified Member
Love this service!! Extremely glad my other provider kicked me off without notice and I found Unlimitedville!!
Seth C.
February 22nd
Verified Member
I recently purchased a home in rural southwest Virginia. My internet options were extremely limited due to my location. I found Unlimitedville and I am sure glad I did. They recommended the Red Plan and it has been excellent. I can stream live TV via YouTube TV with no buffering or delay… [read more]
Travis U.
January 17th
Verified Member
Unlimitedville has been a life saver for someone who lives in a rural area. I recommended it to my neighbors and we all finally feel like we're living in the 21st century after ditching satellite.