Joshua Austin
August 30th
Verified Member
I live in the middle of nowhere (att doesn't even work here) so internet is next to impossible to get. The service with the pink plan works wonderfully. We always have at least 3 devices connected and the average dl speed is 30mb/s even while other devices are streaming HD. I highly recommend this company for those in rural areas
Jessica R
August 22nd
Verified Member
You might have the happiest new unlimitedville customers yet! My husband was able to work from home this morning with no issues. My daughters were also delighted that Netflix is working without any buffering. We appreciate your quick service and ease of equipment setup. Thank you!
Peter K
August 16th
Verified Member
Your support has been excellent. Stuff breaks, can't make that the issue. Getting it fixed is the issue and you guys dealt with it quickly. Great!
June 13th
Verified Member
At first I was worried this was a scam, I'm a trucker and having to use HotSpot for internet was horrible, I decided to go against my gut instinct and try this out. I absolutely love it, whether I'm home or on the road for long periods of time, I have connection, though it's not fool proof there are areas with weak, or poor signal, or no signal at all, but it's by far better reception than even my phone. I'm glad I went with UnlimitedVille."
May 20th
Verified Member
Just had to say AWESOME SERVICE!!!!!! I thought I was stuck with our local rinky-dink internet service that was averaging less than 1mbps with constant outages. Then I ran across reviews mentioning Unlimitedville and I thought I would give it a try. ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR. Zero issues so far. Easy setup. Reliable and stable. Loving it!!! Averaging daily speeds of 17mbps+.
Jason C.
January 16th
Verified Member
Love the service you provide and it has been a great option for someone in the country with few choices in decent broadband service. My MOFI unit went out unexpectedly earlier this week and your team has been fantastic from the moment I contacted support. The rep responded right away and when I spoke to her on the phone she was happy to chat and very accommodating. Less than 15 minutes later, Tech Support called and again was amazing in walking through the issue and potential fixes. Unfortunately I needed to do a device swap, but again, your team prioritized that quickly and answered any question very quickly. Hats off to a great service and thank you to the support team that makes everything work!
John M.
January 16th
Verified Member
Oh my goodness, hands down, without a doubt, this is the single best customer service I have ever received. You guys are incredible, and thank you so much for actually trying to solve my problem. I have hit wall after wall with trying to get internet resolved and this is the first company that is actually trying to help me. I sincerely appreciate the assistance, and I’m going to tell everyone I can about unlimitedville. I’d give you guys a hug if I could, but it’s a little difficult to do through an email :).
Michael S.
June 28th
Verified Member
Thank you guys for everything! You provide such a fantastic service to people like myself that live in a rural area where the major internet providers won't lay down cable, and your customer support is some of the best customer support i've ever experienced. Top Notch quality for sure.
Gary P.
June 23rd
Verified Member
First off this is a legitimate service. They do offer high speed internet to those unable to get high speed internet in there area. I was skeptical at first due to how much hassle our current company freedomnet gives us and it being through cellular companies, but it does work! There was no throttling and no data caps. Also they have great customer service and do offer a refund if it doesn't work. I strongly recommend this to anyone with satellite internet who is a gamer or is a high data user. Strongly recommend this to anyone struggling to have high speed internet! Thanks Unlimitedville!
Abbie W.
March 24th
Verified Member
Hello Unlimitedville!! and skeptical shoppers trying to read reviews! :) I'm beyond happy as I sit over here grinning ear to ear with my new fast unlimited high speed internet!! I live in Buckingham county VA, go ahead google it. ITS IN THE MIDDLE OF NO WHERE! We are not offered any high speed internet out here. Satellite only! BUMMER. After 3 months of awful awful DISH Internet and waiting 5-7 minutes for pages to load I knew I had to do something! I started researching hotspots. I came across Unlimitedville and was thinking HA, yeah right. Well, I was so desperate to try something...ANYTHING else...I went ahead and ordered! PRAISE THE LORD 4G LTE high speed UNLIMITED internet has come to the Williams house! We live on an old logging back road in the country. And I'm now able to have open multiple tabs, stream videos, have Netflix playing in the living room for the kiddo, all devices are connected and running smoothly. This is almost like a dream! No more fighting with Dish to get someone on the phone, being transferred, explaining my situation all to hear they cant do anything about it, and if I want to cancel its $400! (Which I had to pay, lovely) Do it! Order this hotspot! Contact me personally if you have any questions. I'm not a paid reviewer I'm a VERY satisfied reviewer! For once, in my rural living life, I actually got what was advertised! Truly unlimited, FAST internet! I cant thank you enough!!!!!!
Josh K.
February 14th
Verified Member
Hotspot is working great!! It has been a miracle solution for my house and my business. I work from home and have a small warehouse next door. We've dropped exede internet and directTV and just watch netflix at night before bed. Everything has worked out perfect with this setup. I just wish I had found you guys back 4 years ago when I thought my only option was satellite internet. Thank you very much!
Julian R.
February 4th
Verified Member
We have been searching for a solution to the slow DSL speed that we had, and we had just about given up on streaming movies.  When we discovered Unlimitedville, it solved the problem with faster speed than we thought we would ever see in our rural setting.  Thank you.
Forrest P.
January 27th
Verified Member
I would definitely give you guys 5/5! one of the best tech/general support and business that i have dealt with. Fast on the draw with mailing and fast and effiecent on the tech support!
James W.
January 4th
Verified Member
If your a traveler by trade like me. There is no other service in the world that can help you. Unlimitedville has worked for me 100%. Absolutely love the service! I have the AT&T package, have only 4 bars were I am. Yet I play Xbox live every day! Watch Netflix in HD. Never loads or anything of that sort. I actually have higher download speeds then a lot of my family and friends that have land line internet. From my Hotspot. Contact me directly if you believe it to good to be true. I'll show you my downloads speed, Mbs and my face with a big happy smile holding my amazing hotspot. Lol hahaha I'm just a 24 year Texas pipeliner that must have great Internet. Because of Unlimitedville I do.
Chris A.
December 29th
Verified Member
Excellent service for those in rural areas or travelers. Been a customer for almost a year, forced to cancel due to real life issues. I was using the $250 plan, and streamed movies (like a madman, love my movies), xbox live online gaming, fps pc/ps4 games and everything else that demands great internet. This is the ONLY service in my area that gives me the speeds and download capacity that I require. I intend to resubscribe to the service within the month (when I resolve the rl issue). I will probably go with the $200 plan at that time. If you are considering this service : GET IT!! Small business but excellent support. Check the coverage maps for each device (note: you get what you pay for here folks... the cheapest plan's coverage map SAYS it covers my area, but I know that it is false; it is using a roaming tower. Meaning I would have 0 4g lte service) and pick the best for you. If you have any questions, feel free to add me as a friend and drop me a message! Highly recommended.
Becca M.
December 10th
Verified Member
If you think this is just for checking email and surfing the web, you'd be pleasantly surprised. I can stream full HD movies, attend online meetings for school, Skype video chat, even play Xbox Live! A great alternative for those of us that live 'off grid' but still want to enjoy a stable internet connection with great speeds, without limits! I am going on my third month. Had an issue with the SIM card, but their customer service is amazing and James went out of his way to solve the problem. If you are thinking about trying their service, go for it!
Mike R.
November 24th
Verified Member
I used them for about 5 months while our home was being built, the price was what they said it would be. Never a hassle with the bill or service, I highly recommend them.
Tim W.
October 18th
Verified Member
This is the real deal. Got the Pink plan and hotspot arrived 2 days later. Hooked up in minutes (turn it on, that's it) and I'm getting 22mb down and 12 mb up. Highly recommend. Break the cable monopoly people!
Rockie D.
September 16th
Verified Member
I've had Unlimitedville service for almost 3 months now....The saying "it is what it is" is what this service is. I pay my bill on time every month and I get great fast unlimited service ...I live in the country and this plan was tailored to me...Thanks Unlimitedville.
Richard N.
August 5th
Verified Member
The Hot Spot arrived on time as promised. Opened up the box. Turned it on and PRESTO it worked immediately. I have several hot spots that support my job and business from various companies and are very expensive. I am going to cancel them all. Unlimited will never run out unless you are careless with your use. Hard to go wrong.
Jennifer C.
August 1st
Verified Member
So far, so good. I got my hotspot today and it worked instantly. This is the first time since we have moved to our house in a rural area that we have had the freedom to do some of the things we need to stay connected without worrying about data usage and paying overages. Thank you Unlimitedville!

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