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Experience a wireless internet service providing a true plug-in-play solution without the need of an ugly satellite dish, home cable or fiber. The self-installation involves simply twisting on the antennas and plugging it into a wall outlet. It will then connect to nearby cell towers and broadcast that high-speed internet over Wi-Fi to all of your home devices. There's finally a simple rural solution for streaming TV, online gaming, video conferencing, and more.

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  180 Reviews
  180 Reviews
Alan R.
August 15th
Verified Member
Some of the land based internet providers don’t reach our rural area. We tried satellite providers but either their latency was an issue or slow upload speed caused us problems. We sampled a couple of Unlimitedville’s offerings and found one that worked good. I added an external antenna for even f… [read more]
October 16th
Unlimitedville is a godsend I live out in the middle of nowhere and internet is unheard of ive been searching for internet for the last 13 years and finally came across unlimitedville high speed internet and its the best EVER ive been living on mobile hotspots with limited data plans and the data do… [read more]
November 1st
I never leave reviews but Unlimitedville has truly solved an issue I have had for close to 20 years! We're semi-rural in Arkansas with no internet running down our road. We've tried everything available to us from Hughes Net to using our phones as hotspots for home internet. Hughes Net was awful, pe… [read more]
Craig D.
December 17th
Everything is great! It is such a relief to have reliable internet without worrying about data caps and throttling. I'm averaging 30 50 MBPS I never thought I would see that out where I live. I do have a Boost antenna so that with your Equipment its wonderful. The only bad thing is now I'm up all ni… [read more]
Dorothy M.
January 19th
Verified Member
I see a few 1, 2, and 3 star reviews and i guess. that's understandable..My experience with this company, however. has been 5 star. At times access goes a little wonky but that was usually tower related and not the fault of Unlimitedville. There has never been a time when they didn't respond to an e… [read more]
Mike R.
November 24th
I used them for about 5 months while our home was being built, the price was what they said it would be. Never a hassle with the bill or service, I highly recommend them.