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Cellular LTE Wi-Fi Router
Wi-Fi Wireless Router

Unlimited Plan

Experience a wireless internet service providing a true plug-in-play solution without the need of an ugly satellite dish, home cable or fiber. The self-installation involves simply twisting on the antennas and plugging it into a wall outlet. It will then connect to nearby cell towers and broadcast that high-speed internet over Wi-Fi to all of your home devices. There's finally a simple rural solution for streaming TV, online gaming, video conferencing, and more.

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  183 Reviews
October 6th
Verified Member
We have had Unlimitedville for several years as we live in a rural area. We have some lag issues due to our location but it is rare. Their customer service if you have issues is the best! Other companies should take lessons from them in regards to their customer service. It is a fast response time,… [read more]
Shayne W.
April 18th
Never have I ever had an Internet company be so helpful. I lost internet connection a few days ago and ended up sending in a request for assistance. They got back to me within an hour of their next business day starting. They then were very responsive (getting back to me within 10 minutes of my resp… [read more]
October 16th
This has been an amazing experience. So easy to apply for the right plan and easy to take everywhere with you.
August 28th
Verified Member
We moved to a house where the listing agent lied and said internet was available, thinking AT&T and comcast would be available because they have wires right in front of our house, but we got in and realized that neither would provide service where we are located, so started researching and found a f… [read more]
Christopher S.
November 16th
Verified Member
Very impressed so far. I ordered the yellow plan, however within 24hrs got an email letting me know that the pink plan would work better for me, many thanks! I will update when the service is active, looking forward to it!!
Keshara H.
January 26th
Verified Member
‼️‼️ GREAT SIGNAL IN THE COUNTRY WITH UNLIMITEDVILLE‼️‼️Works great for me and family . We stream, play online, work from home and watch tv all at the same time. It does cost a bit more than your usual internet provider. I PROMISE ITS WORTH IT. Also come with Ethernet ports for my work from home peo… [read more]